Just a little glimpse into what’s to come

We will be looking at each of the 8 Intentions to understand signs that one or more may need your attention, with some personal examples from my journey, Affirmations you can say because let’s face it, thoughts, WORDS and actions are all important, best practices for healing and thriving, lessons and anecdotes from my personal journey and pieces from each collection to help amplify your intentions.

I hope that you will be open to engaging with me and sharing what resonates and has helped you in your personal journey. You can also message me directly on this site if you have questions or are looking for a more custom piece to help get you through.

The 1st Intention that I will be focusing on is Wellbeing which is a pretty big one, so please stay tuned 🧘🏾‍♀️

With Love,

Chey 💜

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