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Peace Necklace 2Peace Necklace 2
Peace Necklace 2 Sale price$29.99
Destiny Necklace
Destiny Necklace Sale price$15.99
Peace, Bliss & Calming NecklacePeace, Bliss & Calming Necklace
Peace NecklacePeace Necklace
Peace Necklace Sale price$24.99
Aura ChokerAura Choker
Aura Choker Sale price$19.99
Good 2 the Last Drop Necklace
Good Vibes Necklace
Good Vibes Necklace Sale price$19.99
Hungry for Peace NecklaceHungry for Peace Necklace
Hungry for Peace Necklace Sale price$34.99
Magical Treasure NecklaceMagical Treasure Necklace
Magical Treasure Necklace Sale price$34.99
Ankh ChainAnkh Chain
Ankh Chain Sale priceFrom $9.99
Tribal Clarity NecklaceTribal Clarity Necklace
Tribal Clarity Necklace Sale price$34.99
Chunky Whimsical Stone Triple NecklaceChunky Whimsical Stone Triple Necklace
Raw Chunky Quartz NecklaceRaw Chunky Quartz Necklace
Peace & Tranquility NecklacePeace & Tranquility Necklace
Magic Moon NecklaceMagic Moon Necklace
Magic Moon Necklace Sale price$24.99
Sister Night NecklaceSister Night Necklace
Sister Night Necklace Sale priceFrom $29.99
Tribal Necklace 2Tribal Necklace 2
Tribal Necklace 2 Sale price$29.99
On a Whim NecklaceOn a Whim Necklace
On a Whim Necklace Sale price$24.99
Breezy NecklaceBreezy Necklace
Breezy Necklace Sale price$24.99
Hypnotic NecklaceHypnotic Necklace
Hypnotic Necklace Sale price$34.99
Tribal NecklaceTribal Necklace
Tribal Necklace Sale price$29.99
Drip Drip Quartz NecklaceDrip Drip Quartz Necklace
Drip Drip Quartz Necklace Sale price$29.99
Simple Quartz NecklaceSimple Quartz Necklace
Simple Quartz Necklace Sale price$24.99
I See NecklaceI See Necklace
I See Necklace Sale price$29.99
Hey Queen Necklace 2.0Hey Queen Necklace 2.0
Hey Queen Necklace 2.0 Sale price$44.99
Gimmie Strength NecklaceGimmie Strength Necklace
Gimmie Strength Necklace Sale price$29.99
Motherland NecklaceMotherland Necklace
Motherland Necklace Sale price$29.99
Coming out of my Shell Necklace 2.0Coming out of my Shell Necklace 2.0
Stop in the Name of Love Necklace
Eye Be Known' Necklace
Eye Be Known' Necklace Sale priceFrom $34.99
Can't Stop, Won't Stop Necklace
Just Enough Necklace 2.0
Just Enough Necklace 2.0 Sale price$59.99
To the Moon and Stars Necklace 2.0
Protecting My Aura Necklace 2.0Protecting My Aura Necklace 2.0
Ariel NecklaceAriel Necklace
Ariel Necklace Sale price$39.99
Clarity Manifestation Focus Necklace GoldClarity Manifestation Focus Necklace Gold
Hey Queen Necklace,Necklace - 12th SummerHey Queen Necklace,Necklace - 12th Summer
Hey Queen Necklace Sale price$13.49 Regular price$17.99
Queen of De' Nile Necklace,Necklace - 12th SummerQueen of De' Nile Necklace,Necklace - 12th Summer
Queen of De' Nile Necklace Sale price$16.49 Regular price$21.99
Protecting my Aura Necklace,Necklace - 12th SummerProtecting my Aura Necklace,Necklace - 12th Summer
Protecting my Aura Necklace Sale price$16.49 Regular price$21.99
V For Vendetta Necklace,Necklace - 12th SummerV For Vendetta Necklace,Necklace - 12th Summer
V For Vendetta Necklace Sale price$16.49 Regular price$21.99
Issa Full Moon Necklace,Necklace - 12th SummerIssa Full Moon Necklace,Necklace - 12th Summer
Issa Full Moon Necklace Sale price$16.49 Regular price$21.99
Boho Starter Pack Necklace,Necklace - 12th SummerBoho Starter Pack Necklace,Necklace - 12th Summer
Boho Starter Pack Necklace Sale price$11.24 Regular price$14.99
Say it with Your Chest Necklace,Necklace - 12th SummerSay it with Your Chest Necklace,Necklace - 12th Summer
Say it with Your Chest Necklace Sale price$16.49 Regular price$21.99