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This collection is filled with pieces featuring the stones and crystals essential to addressing and maintaining your well being, all 8 dimensions of them!  Ask yourself how you're doing in each: Physical, Emotional, Financial, Social, Occupational, Spiritual, Intellectual and Environmental. Which ones seem to require the most attention right now? You may need to set your intentions towards them and 1 of these pieces may draw it to you to help with that.  Don't quite see what you're looking for? Feel free to reach out to me so we can design a custom piece together.

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Raw Chunky Quartz NecklaceRaw Chunky Quartz Necklace
Good Vibes Necklace
Good Vibes Necklace Sale price$20.00
Hey Queen EarringsHey Queen Earrings
Hey Queen Earrings Sale price$45.00
Gimmie Strength NecklaceGimmie Strength Necklace
Gimmie Strength Necklace Sale price$35.00
Motherland NecklaceMotherland Necklace
Motherland Necklace Sale price$35.00
Devine Feminine Founder NecklaceDevine Feminine Founder Necklace
Good 2 the Last Drop Necklace
Fiesta Stone EarringsFiesta Stone Earrings
Fiesta Stone Earrings Sale price$25.00
Peace NecklacePeace Necklace
Peace Necklace Sale price$25.00
Sister Night EarringsSister Night Earrings
Sister Night Earrings Sale priceFrom $35.00
Disk Drop EarringsDisk Drop Earrings
Disk Drop Earrings Sale priceFrom $24.00
Health & Stability Arrow EarringsHealth & Stability Arrow Earrings
Love Me Right Multi-Wear Body Chain
Cherish Yourself Multi-Wear Body Chain
Peace Necklace 2Peace Necklace 2
Peace Necklace 2 Sale price$35.00
Shine Bright EarringsShine Bright Earrings
Shine Bright Earrings Sale price$45.00
All You Need Is Peace Abstract HoopAll You Need Is Peace Abstract Hoop
All You Need Is Love Abstract HoopAll You Need Is Love Abstract Hoop
Raw Chunky Hoop EarringsRaw Chunky Hoop Earrings
Raw Chunky Hoop Earrings Sale price$25.00
Silent Night EarringsSilent Night Earrings
Silent Night Earrings Sale price$45.00
Let it Snow EarringsLet it Snow Earrings
Let it Snow Earrings Sale price$35.00
Health & Stability Long Sweep EarringsHealth & Stability Long Sweep Earrings
Gimmie Strength EarringsGimmie Strength Earrings
Gimmie Strength Earrings Sale price$25.00
Can't Stop, Won't Stop Necklace
Love is All We Need Necklace and Earring SetLove is All We Need Necklace and Earring Set
Elevate EarringsElevate Earrings
Elevate Earrings Sale price$25.00
Focus Health & Stability Arrow EarringsFocus Health & Stability Arrow Earrings
Dreamy EarringsDreamy Earrings
Dreamy Earrings Sale price$35.00
Chakra Stone EarringsChakra Stone Earrings
Chakra Stone Earrings Sale price$15.00
It's OK to be Simple Earrings 2.0It's OK to be Simple Earrings 2.0
Hungry for Peace NecklaceHungry for Peace Necklace
Hungry for Peace Necklace Sale price$35.00
Antique Bronze Turquoise and Jasper Chandelier EarringsAntique Bronze Turquoise and Jasper Chandelier Earrings
Dream On EarringsDream On Earrings
Dream On Earrings Sale price$35.00
Magical Treasure NecklaceMagical Treasure Necklace
Magical Treasure Necklace Sale price$35.00
Tribal Clarity NecklaceTribal Clarity Necklace
Tribal Clarity Necklace Sale price$35.00
Chunky Whimsical Stone Triple NecklaceChunky Whimsical Stone Triple Necklace
I See NecklaceI See Necklace
I See Necklace Sale price$35.00
Antique Gold Turquoise Chandelier EarringsAntique Gold Turquoise Chandelier Earrings
Pharaoh Vibes EarringsPharaoh Vibes Earrings
Pharaoh Vibes Earrings Sale price$25.00
Island Gyal Earrings 2Island Gyal Earrings 2
Island Gyal Earrings 2 Sale price$35.00
Love Dome EarringsLove Dome Earrings
Love Dome Earrings Sale price$35.00
Abstract Love Leaf EarringsAbstract Love Leaf Earrings
Simple Stone Hoop EarringsSimple Stone Hoop Earrings
Raw Stone Drop EarringsRaw Stone Drop Earrings
Raw Stone Drop Earrings Sale price$35.00
Fancy Boho HoopsFancy Boho Hoops
Fancy Boho Hoops Sale price$35.00
Peace & Tranquility NecklacePeace & Tranquility Necklace
Simple Square EarringsSimple Square Earrings
Simple Square Earrings Sale price$25.00
Sun Drop EarringsSun Drop Earrings
Sun Drop Earrings Sale price$25.00