What’s Going on with 12th Summer?

For many of us, this time has been debilitating, scary and really forced us out of our comfort zones while challenging our perception of reality. Early on, I knew, that I didn’t want to just simply carry-on as if everything was normal and I also wanted to be mindful of the financial devastation this time has been for so many. So I decided to scale back on promoting 12th Summer, not realizing that the days would quickly turn into weeks, and the weeks into several months.

For many of those months, I was stunted, lost, conflicted, angry, afraid, confused, and exhausted, as blatant injustices, corruption and more played out and compounded seemingly at every turn.

I knew that the way I was living/feeling wasn’t sustainable and I am privileged to have been able to take this time to focus on my mental health, really examine myself and my life to determine: what’s most important, how to better walk in my purpose and to recognize and use my gifts and talents to help people. I’m excited for the work that I have been doing both internally and externally to get me to this stage of my transformation as it pertains to 12th Summer and more importantly, being able to share it with you!

Thank you to the people who purchased jewelry from my boutique within Curl Up N Dye Salon  either for themselves or as gifts to others. Thank you for the repeated online orders and showing up to my rare pop up events also within Curl Up n Dye Salon. Thank you to the people who took a chance on me because you know my dope sister,  Chelkee and her incredible work. 

And lastly, thank you to the people who promote me, uplift me and support me in even the smallest of ways, giving me the extra push I need to put myself out there again/more even as you struggle through your own battles during this time.

If you’ve read this far, just know that I am thankful for you! Some changes are coming and I hope you’ll continue the journey with me as we help each other through this thing called

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