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12th Summer Gift Card12th Summer Gift Card
12th Summer Gift Card Sale priceFrom $25.00
A Mood EarringsA Mood Earrings
A Mood Earrings Sale price$24.99
About My Coin Arm Chain,Arm Chain - 12th SummerAbout My Coin Arm Chain,Arm Chain - 12th Summer
About My Coin Arm Chain Sale price$9.74 Regular price$12.99
Abstract Love Leaf EarringsAbstract Love Leaf Earrings
All I Need EarringsAll I Need Earrings
All I Need Earrings Sale price$29.99
All the Angles Earrings,Earrings - 12th SummerAll the Angles Earrings,Earrings - 12th Summer
All the Angles Earrings Sale price$12.74 Regular price$16.99
All You Need Is Love Abstract HoopAll You Need Is Love Abstract Hoop
All You Need Is Magic Abstract HoopAll You Need Is Magic Abstract Hoop
All You Need is Magic Drop EarringsAll You Need is Magic Drop Earrings
All You Need Is Peace Abstract HoopAll You Need Is Peace Abstract Hoop
Ankh ChainAnkh Chain
Ankh Chain Sale priceFrom $9.99
Antique Bronze Turquoise and Jasper Chandelier EarringsAntique Bronze Turquoise and Jasper Chandelier Earrings
Antique Gold Turquoise Chandelier EarringsAntique Gold Turquoise Chandelier Earrings
Ariel Earrings
Ariel Earrings Sale price$34.99
Ariel NecklaceAriel Necklace
Ariel Necklace Sale price$39.99
Aura ChokerAura Choker
Aura Choker Sale price$19.99
Bali Bound EarringsBali Bound Earrings
Bali Bound Earrings Sale price$29.99
Be the Light HoopsBe the Light Hoops
Be the Light Hoops Sale price$29.99
Been Around the World Earrings,Earrings - 12th SummerBeen Around the World Earrings,Earrings - 12th Summer
Been Around the World Earrings Sale price$7.49 Regular price$9.99
Boho Starter Pack Necklace,Necklace - 12th SummerBoho Starter Pack Necklace,Necklace - 12th Summer
Boho Starter Pack Necklace Sale price$11.24 Regular price$14.99
Bougie Boho EarringsBougie Boho Earrings
Bougie Boho Earrings Sale price$29.99
Breezy NecklaceBreezy Necklace
Breezy Necklace Sale price$24.99
Butterfly EarringsButterfly Earrings
Butterfly Earrings Sale price$29.99
Can't Stop, Won't Stop Necklace
Catch Me Dreaming Earrings,Earrings - 12th SummerCatch Me Dreaming Earrings,Earrings - 12th Summer
Catch Me Dreaming Earrings Sale price$9.74 Regular price$12.99
Chakra Stone EarringsChakra Stone Earrings
Chakra Stone Earrings Sale price$9.99
Cherry Cola EarringsCherry Cola Earrings
Cherry Cola Earrings Sale price$29.99
Chunky Whimsical Stone Triple NecklaceChunky Whimsical Stone Triple Necklace
Clarity Focus Manifestation Earrings - 2024 - DeluxeClarity Focus Manifestation Earrings - 2024 - Deluxe
Clarity Manifestation Focus Necklace GoldClarity Manifestation Focus Necklace Gold
Coming out of my Shell Necklace 2.0Coming out of my Shell Necklace 2.0
Complimentary Jewelry Consultation - Virtual
Curiosity EarringsCuriosity Earrings
Curiosity Earrings Sale price$29.99
Day & Night EarringsDay & Night Earrings
Day & Night Earrings Sale price$44.99
De Nile EarringsDe Nile Earrings
De Nile Earrings Sale price$24.99
Destiny EarringsDestiny Earrings
Destiny Earrings Sale price$34.99
Destiny Necklace
Destiny Necklace Sale price$15.99
Devine Feminine Founder NecklaceDevine Feminine Founder Necklace
Devine Feminine Founder Necklace Sale priceFrom $49.99
Disk Drop EarringsDisk Drop Earrings
Disk Drop Earrings Sale price$24.99
Don't Box Me In Earrings,Earrings - 12th SummerDon't Box Me In Earrings,Earrings - 12th Summer
Don't Box Me In Earrings Sale price$11.24 Regular price$16.99
Dream On EarringsDream On Earrings
Dream On Earrings Sale price$29.99
Dreamer EarringsDreamer Earrings
Dreamer Earrings Sale price$34.99
Dreamy EarringsDreamy Earrings
Dreamy Earrings Sale price$29.99
Drip Drip Quartz NecklaceDrip Drip Quartz Necklace
Drip Drip Quartz Necklace Sale price$29.99
Elevate EarringsElevate Earrings
Elevate Earrings Sale price$24.99
Essential HoopsEssential Hoops
Essential Hoops Sale price$7.99
Eye Be Knowing EarringsEye Be Knowing Earrings
Eye Be Knowing Earrings Sale price$29.99
Eye Be Known' Necklace
Eye Be Known' Necklace Sale priceFrom $34.99