12th Summer was birthed from a love of festival fashion and expression through jewelry.  Even though I’ve always had a passion for wearing attention grabbing accessories, I toned it down as I climbed the corporate ladder.  For over 10 years, April (biggest Music festival in Cali hint hint) and December (my Birthday) was the time of year that I would get a chance to wear clothing and accessories out of the ordinary and to really express myself.  

If you've ever tried shopping for warm weather clothing or accessories in the off seasons, then you know about having to dig through the limited selections and having to stock up well in advance.  And if you purchased something "on trend", then you also know it may not be by the time you wear it.

So I started 12th Summer with the idea that I wanted to extend the warm weather vibes all year round. After all, summer is all about fun (and showing skin)!  have personally selected each timeless piece with the woman like you in mind who loves to celebrate your beautiful body and style.  So pack your bags, get your playlists together and get ready to go!

"Summer is a state of mind."

- Cheyennis Doom, Owner