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Article: Let's Talk About Wellbeing: Pt. 1 - Pole Fitness

Let's Talk About Wellbeing: Pt. 1 - Pole Fitness

Let's Talk About Wellbeing: Pt. 1 - Pole Fitness


When I set the intention of sharing my journey and connecting beyond the aesthetics of my jewelry, I never quite envisioned that I would be sharing it in this way. But you know what? That’s the beauty of life and our personal journeys. We get to live it and speak it our way. It’s been no secret what I’ve been doing for months, but I never actually planned on sharing it here. The more I thought about my wellness from multiple dimensions, the more it only seemed right that I share some of the things that have helped me.  This one in particular is GREAT for 5-7 of the 8 dimensions (depending on if you turn it to a profession) I hope you found something that resonates with you and helps you get yourself to optimal wellness and happiness. I will be sharing some of the other things that have been instrumental to helping me get back to me as well.


If you are local to Sacramento and you want to explore pole fitness, please checkout Vertical Fitness Studio.  So proud to be in the company of so many beautiful and brave humans there. Also, support local women owned small businesses!

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African American woman with glasses, curly hair a light pink top, citrine silver wire wrapped earrings and 2 silver chains looking at the camera and smiling.

Just a little glimpse into what’s to come

I hope that you will be open to engaging with me and sharing what resonates and has helped you in your personal journey….

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