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12th Summer


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It's Warming Up!

Come find me!

April is full of exciting events in and around Sacramento and I'm so thankful to be featured at 6 of them.  You can find the details here.

New Offering

Permanent Jewelry

I'm now offering Permanent Jewelry in Carmichael (by appointment only), private events and pop-ups throughout greater Sacramento, CA. Not to be confused with body jewelry that requires piercing, Permanent Jewelry is welded together, producing a quick spark (of joy) to create clasp-less personalized jewelry that isn't taken off. 

Now you can co-create an even more symbolic piece to empower your journey adorned with the healing and mystical powers of the stones and crystals found throughout my other pieces and new charm pieces to elevate your style!

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Gift Cards Now Available

Not quite feeling creative or unsure of what to get for that special person in your life? Well now you can get them a gift card and let them decide on which intentional piece (or 2) they'd like to help empower their journey. You can even preschedule the delivery date of the Gift Card!

Shop the look

Shop the look