Protecting My Aura Necklace 2.0

Color: Gold

Only 4 pieces in stock!

Let go of your baggage and bring success into your life with 2 layered gold necklace on one clasp features a Smoky Quartz drilled pendant and small faceted Pyrite beads. Smoky Quartz is known to bring detoxification, grounding and moving forward, while Pyrite is known to bring wealth, success and protection.

Material: Smoky Quartz, Stainless Steel, Pyrite

Dimensions (inches): 

Shorter Necklace: 17

Longer Necklace: 19.5

Adjustable: Yes, up to 2 additional inches.

Good to Know:   As these are natural stones, they will be as unique as you are.

We love this jewelry and we hope you love it too, so please treat it with care.  To keep it looking it's best, apply cosmetics and lotions before wearing and be sure to remove before swimming, bathing or exercising.  As jewelry may tarnish over time, it's best to store in the bags provided away from moisture and sunlight.

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