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Made with Love

Made with Love

Each component has been selected and and thoughtfully put together by hand to make one of a kind pieces as unique and beautiful as you.  Each creation will be made in limited quantities and available for purchase here and pop up shops.

Custom pieces featuring specific stones based on intentions and healing are available upon request.  My Contact Info can be found at the bottom of the page or you can click the chat button in the lower left corner of your screen.


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Love Me Right Multi-Wear Body Chain
Cherish Yourself Multi-Wear Body Chain
This adapter can be added to your permanent or traditional bracelet.Sacred Adornment Multi-Wear Hand Chain Adapter
Devine Feminine Founder NecklaceDevine Feminine Founder Necklace
Love is All We Need Necklace and Earring SetLove is All We Need Necklace and Earring Set
Clarity Focus Manifestation Earrings - 2024 - DeluxeClarity Focus Manifestation Earrings - 2024 - Deluxe
All I Need EarringsAll I Need Earrings
All I Need Earrings Sale price$35.00
Elevate EarringsElevate Earrings
Elevate Earrings Sale price$25.00
Focus Health & Stability Arrow EarringsFocus Health & Stability Arrow Earrings
Be the Light HoopsBe the Light Hoops
Be the Light Hoops Sale price$35.00
Eye Be Knowing EarringsEye Be Knowing Earrings
Eye Be Knowing Earrings Sale price$35.00
Phase EarringsPhase Earrings
Phase Earrings Sale price$25.00
Peace Necklace 2Peace Necklace 2
Peace Necklace 2 Sale price$35.00
Dreamy EarringsDreamy Earrings
Dreamy Earrings Sale price$35.00
Destiny Necklace
Destiny Necklace Sale price$20.00
Peace, Bliss & Calming NecklacePeace, Bliss & Calming Necklace
Peace NecklacePeace Necklace
Peace Necklace Sale price$25.00
Chakra Stone EarringsChakra Stone Earrings
Chakra Stone Earrings Sale price$15.00
Aura ChokerAura Choker
Aura Choker Sale price$19.99
All You Need Is Magic Abstract HoopAll You Need Is Magic Abstract Hoop
It's OK to be Simple Earrings 2.0It's OK to be Simple Earrings 2.0
All You Need is Magic Drop EarringsAll You Need is Magic Drop Earrings
Shine Bright EarringsShine Bright Earrings
Shine Bright Earrings Sale price$45.00
Good 2 the Last Drop Necklace
Good Vibes Necklace
Good Vibes Necklace Sale price$20.00
So Extra EarringsSo Extra Earrings
So Extra Earrings Sale price$35.00
Hungry for Peace NecklaceHungry for Peace Necklace
Hungry for Peace Necklace Sale price$35.00
Antique Bronze Turquoise and Jasper Chandelier EarringsAntique Bronze Turquoise and Jasper Chandelier Earrings
Dream On EarringsDream On Earrings
Dream On Earrings Sale price$35.00
Magical Treasure NecklaceMagical Treasure Necklace
Magical Treasure Necklace Sale price$35.00
Ankh ChainAnkh Chain
Ankh Chain Sale price$15.00
Tribal Clarity NecklaceTribal Clarity Necklace
Tribal Clarity Necklace Sale price$35.00
Chunky Whimsical Stone Triple NecklaceChunky Whimsical Stone Triple Necklace
Island Vibes Clarity Hoop
Island Vibes Clarity Hoop Sale price$35.00
Over the Moon Mini EarringsOver the Moon Mini Earrings
All You Need Is Peace Abstract HoopAll You Need Is Peace Abstract Hoop
All You Need Is Love Abstract HoopAll You Need Is Love Abstract Hoop
Antique Gold Turquoise Chandelier EarringsAntique Gold Turquoise Chandelier Earrings
Pharaoh Vibes EarringsPharaoh Vibes Earrings
Pharaoh Vibes Earrings Sale price$25.00
Island Gyal Earrings 2Island Gyal Earrings 2
Island Gyal Earrings 2 Sale price$35.00
Island Gyal EarringsIsland Gyal Earrings
Island Gyal Earrings Sale price$35.00
De Nile EarringsDe Nile Earrings
De Nile Earrings Sale price$25.00
Let it Flow Geometry EarringsLet it Flow Geometry Earrings
Let it Flow Abstract EarringsLet it Flow Abstract Earrings
Love Dome EarringsLove Dome Earrings
Love Dome Earrings Sale price$35.00
Abstract Love Leaf EarringsAbstract Love Leaf Earrings
Raw Chunky Quartz NecklaceRaw Chunky Quartz Necklace
Simple Stone Hoop EarringsSimple Stone Hoop Earrings