Starry Night Earrings


Inspired by the recent Harvest Moon, these handmade 18K gold plated triangle earrings featuring Moonstone, known for Divinity, Balance and Tenderness and Iolite, known for Eliminate Debt, Break Patterns & Overcome Fear with gold moon and star pendants.

Material: Moon Stone, Iolite, 18K Gold Plated Brass, Stainless Steel and Tibetan Silver

Dimensions (inches):


2.4 x 1

Adjustable: No

Good to Know:  As the light in the darkness, Moonstone is a magical stone that connects you to your divine feminine and inner Goddess. It helps you unlock the energy of the Moon that resides within you to keep you in a more balanced state and acts as a guide to help you do what’s necessary to become more balanced, healthy and in sync. 

As one of the best crystals for getting out of financial debt, Iolite Spheres can help you take charge of your finances. Just as these crystal spheres push you to make positive change in your financial life, they also inspire you to get out of bad habits in other areas of your life.

We love this jewelry and we hope you love it too, so please treat it with care.  To keep it looking it's best, apply cosmetics and lotions before wearing and be sure to remove before swimming, bathing or exercising.  As jewelry may tarnish over time, it's best to store in the bags provided away from moisture and sunlight.

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