Cosmo Earrings - The Magician


Let the your Cosmic, Destiny and Curiosity shine with the energy of chunky Labradorite front and center with faceted Labradorite, gunmetal and silver beads orbiting around it like tiny beautiful stars and planets on a large silver hoop.

Material: Labradorite, Stainless Steel, Tibetan Silver, Brass

Dimensions (inches):

2.55 x 1.5

Adjustable: No

Good to Know: These stones are natural, so they will have some variation.

We love this jewelry and we hope you love it too, so please treat it with care.  To keep it looking it's best, apply cosmetics and lotions before wearing and be sure to remove before swimming, bathing or exercising.  As jewelry may tarnish over time, it's best to store in the bags provided away from moisture and sunlight.

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